King (Kierki, Barbu)

A variante polonesa do King (Barbu) - um jogo de 4 pessoas no qual o objetivo é tentar fazer a pontuação mais baixa evitando ter que receber copas e a rainha de espadas.

Só para pessoas maiores de 18 anos.

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  • Riquinho Rico

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Como começar o jogo?

  • Clique no botão acima Jogar Agora ou selecione na lista abaixo a sala que você deseja jogar. O jogo abrirá em uma nova janela.

Resumo das Regras

Game rules in 60 seconds

Kierki is basically a game for 4 people, although 3 people can also play it. In comparison to other card games, the game is not about scoring as many points as possible, but about limiting negative points in particular dealings. Only in playback rounds players must score as many points as possible.

Players are obliged to follow the suit but they are not obliged to beat with a higher card. If a player does not have a card of the suit, he or she is allowed to discard of any other suit.

In successive dealings, the objective is to avoid taking specific tricks, for which negative points are scored. All this seven dealing are presents in out "King (Kierki, Barbu) rules".

After 7 dealings, in which negative points are scored, the so-called playback follows, which enables players to score positive points. It consists of the same number of rounds as the number of players (3 or 4). It is the so-called trump game (in a successive dealing each player selects a trump suit based on the first five cards dealt in a four-player game and on the first six in a three-player). In the trump games, players are obliged to follow the suit but if they do not have any, there is no obligation to beat with trump cards.

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